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Sarnav Dutta

Engineering Student

Currently pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from Techno India Saltlake. I’m quietly confident, naturally curious, and perpetually working on improving my skills every other day. Always have a keen interest in learning new technologies and programming languages to keep me updated.

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I prefer to keep learning, continue challenging myself, and do interesting things that matter. My abundant energy fuels me in the pursuit of many interests, hobbies, areas of study and artistic endeavors. I’m a fast learner, able to pick up new skills and juggle different projects and roles with relative ease.



Understand the client’s subject matter completely and build on the knowledge related to it, becoming intimately familiar with the subject matter. Determine methods to address the specific customer’s needs and requirements.


Vue & React JS
HTML, CSS + Bootstrap


Findings from the research and design phases are utilized for the production of specific products including materials, systems, and methods. Engineer utilizing the research and designs to produce commercial products for the customer.



Jun 2020 - Jul 202020

Intern - Deep learning using tensorFlow and keras

Worked under Ardent Computech Pvt Ltd to create an Python application using Deep Learning algorithms with the help of TensorFlow and Keras to build a HANDWRITING RECOGNITION APP.

Jul 2017 - Present

Freelancer - Web Developer

Worked with various different clients under the belt of Fiverr. Served people with various web technical issues to building up website from scratch.

May 2020 - Present


Valorant News is a hub full of news, updates, pictures, tips about Valorant game. This an all-in-one platform from where you can know about Valorant more and more. For passionate gamers, those who really love Valorant, this is the right platform to know about it.

May 2020 - Present


A web-based note-taking application that will help you to save any note as fast as the speed of light. ezpzCode is made by developers for developers – a simple, plain text note taking application for everyone. What you see is what you paste.

May 2019 - Present


TrendFlip is a first of it’s kind platform, Where you can post blogs, stories, quizzes and much more without having to give any hosting charges for the same and you can start earning from those blogs from Day 1 without hassle of buying a domain and building it up from scratch. It’s the first Adaptive Blogging platform in the market.